BCT15: BCT15 & RH96

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Aug 16, 2005
Middlesex County
So iv had my RH96 working no problems with the stock cable on my BC15. Few days ago i turned both radios on as normal and the remote head says scanner unconnected. Both the remote head and scanner are mounted to my desk and havnt touched the cables nor the radios other then the remote heads power button.

Iv tried making a cable for the DB9 on the rear of the 15 to the remote head and still nada. Tried Pin 1 Ground, Pin 3 Tip, Pin 4 Center for a stereo 3.5mm connector and no go on that either

Anything els i can check as to why the remote head just went kaput?

Also updated the firmware on the scanner and head for the hell of it and that made no difference. Baud rate on the scanner is at the max for the rear/front port. Tried each setting and nothing
Not open for further replies.