[BCT15X] Inconsistent connection with Control Channel

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Feb 6, 2014
I'm trying to weight my options to fix my setup here.

I primarily scan an Analog/P25 Hybrid Motorola II system. There are multiple sites a few of which are quite close to me. There is a good amount of RF interference in my home office (monitors, computers, etc). I've been using the metal extendable antenna that comes with the BCT-15X.

Most of the time it grabs on to the control channel, and the audio it receives is good enough to discern, although not excellent. there are times during the day when it just doesn't grab on.

I've setup an antenna in my attic and have the scanner located currently in a closet attached to an old computer which is using proscan to feed it to my desktop computer. the setup is a little convoluted, and i want to have the scanner itself on my desk to control easier. In addition, since proscan doesn't have a Mac client, i'm stuck using parallels to listen to the proscan client.

I could use their web server, but i'd loose a good amount of information and all control over the server.

would an RF Pre-Amplifier work? or would it just amplify the background noise in the room? I wouldn't mind a little more noise, if i can get a more solid signal.

any suggestions would be helpful.
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