Bearcat BCT7 Scanner

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Jan 5, 2011
Hey guys,

Just wondering if any of you have experience with this scanner? Looking to use it here on the Avalon, wondering if it's worth my time to pick up. Seems like it should do VHF so I can hear the boats off the coast, as well as some aircraft. Owner said it can also still pick up the RCMp. Any opinions?


RCMP (and rnc presumably) are switching to Project 25, which is digital. They're switched as far as Clarenville. The avalon is pending. They're all on the correct portables so it's just the sites which need to be switched from EDACS to P25 and likely a lot of the mobiles (cars) would need to be done as well. This is just guess work.

Yes, that will scan RCMP right now, but it won't follow the conversation and you'll hear RNC AEGIS digital noise quite a bit which will make any level of enjoyable listening near impossible on a regular basis.

The ability to hear "boats" off coast will be difficult unless you're running a large antenna. Most of them have switched to sat comms anyway I think. I live a stones throw away from the north atlantic with an antenna outdoors and I rarely hear marine traffic.

You will hear aircraft, but it's sparse.

Fire and Ambo are still analog and listenable. Some commercial is too. As well, St. John's public works is listenable.
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