"Beast" callsign?

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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Hi all,

I was listening to mil air comms tonight on the way home - well, actually, what is listed as some of the common mil air comms for North America, namely the NORAD and air refueling track freqs, but coincides with mil air freqs my local int'l airport uses to simulcast its regular operations. Anyway, my point is, I heard a callsign being mentioned by the controller which I thought was "Beast 301". Didn't hear the conversation before or after it, and 'heavy' was not mentioned. I've searched the military/air callsigns I've been able to find here and on Google, and came up dry.

There is an airline here (I think) called Peace Air, named after the Peace municipal district here in Alberta, but I'm pretty sure I've always heard them called "Peace Air ###".

Anyone ever heard of a flight using "Beast" as a callsign, or did I simply mishear the local airline mentioned above?

Thanks all :)
Not open for further replies.