Been off the forum for five months...

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Jan 26, 2005
Buchanan, MI, USA
...and I need a little help. I feel like a dipstick for having to ask this, as I've tried a search or two. But there used to be a sticky from UPman regarding the last BCD396T update when it first came out, with all the AGC adjustment info, and all the other things about the update that it was intended for. Is that still around somewhere, or is there a link to a post that details all of that? Didn't see it in the Wiki page. I'm trying to pick up scanning where I left off, and would like the tech info on this radio.

Also, has any consensus developed about optimum settings for the AGC (ref gain and the rest), to best balance the analog vs. digital? When I first loaded the update I tried some settings listed by a poster, and experimented a little, and the results haven't been bad, but I just thought I'd ask. I know this is dependent on the specific radio systems you're listening to, but you never know if someone's come up with something ideal. Thanks for any info.
Not open for further replies.