Berkeley Co. - Shooting

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Aug 25, 2004
Berkeley Co. WV/ Loudoun Co. VA
There was another shooting today. It happened about 5:40PM on Jeremy Drive. A report of a green trunk ran into a trailer on Jeremy Drive. There was also reports of shots fired. Deputies and Investigators arrived and had rescue dispatched for a possible gunshot wound. It kinda a mess on the radio. There were units still finishing up from the crime scene on Kurtis Drive. EMS reported seeing that vehicle at the end of Jeremy Drive with all windows shot out and no one in it. Later on, there was a BOLO for that vehicle for State and Martinsburg. Investigators reported that someone informed them there was a female juvenile who was run over by the suspect vehicle taken to the hospital in a private vehicle.

Investigators were marking blood and other evidence. They later reported that the girl was not located at the hospital and was not able to be found anywhere else.

I'm sure this will be in the paper as well.

Sounds like it might be a good time to get a CC permit.
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