Berkshire County Mass - UHF channels

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Apr 19, 2005
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Berkshire County Massachusetts - UHF Public Safety Channels

Duplex BC Simulcast Public Safety 460.3875 107.2

Simplex BERK TAC 1D Public Safety 453.4500 D131

Simplex BERK TAC 2D Public Safety 458.4375 D156

Simplex BERK TAC 3D Public Safety 458.4500 D172

Simplex BERK TAC 4D Public Safety 460.0375 D243

Simplex BERK TAC 5D Public Safety 460.2000 D306

Simplex BERK TAC 6D Public Safety 460.3750 D331

Simplex BERK TAC 7D Public Safety 460.6250 D364

Simplex BERK TAC 8D Public Safety 465.0375 D411

Simplex BERK TAC 9D Public Safety 465.2000 D431

Simplex BERK TAC 10D Public Safety 465.3750 D465

Simplex BERK TAC 11D Public Safety 465.6250 D503

Duplex BERK TAC 12 Public Safety 453.6125 D532

Duplex BERK TAC 13 Public Safety 460.0625 D565

Duplex BERK TAC 14 Public Safety 460.5750 D606

Duplex BERK TAC 15 Public Safety 453.6500 D631

'Simplex channels' have a paired frequency that is exactly the same as the given freq

'Duplex channels' have a paired channel that is different - apparently they are used with repeaters

"Public safety" indicates the channels are used by police, fire, ems etc

"D" indicates DPL

These UHF channels are for special events and special situations - they are NOT used day to day

Apparently 460.3875 R has multiple synchronized simulcast repeaters countywide
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