Biden Visit to Columbia / USC Graduation

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Dec 24, 2004
Elgin, SC
Did anyone attempt to monitor the VP visit yesterday. Didn't get anything on the federal channels as I was too far away from downtown, and I'm sure it was all encrypted anyway. There was a good bit of activity in the clear on Palmetto 800 talk groups.

SCHP was using Special Ops 1 for their part of the motorcade escort, and the SCHP motorcycle division used LE-Common 8 to coordinate their travel from around the state in to Columbia, SC-Mutual Aid 8 was used for by West Columbia/Cayce/LexCo units, SC-Mutual Aid 9 was used around the Colonial Center for a command channel for traffic, parking, and admission to the facility, CPD used their SWAT channel for Command and Special Ops-1 for the motorcade escort and traffic control through Columbia.

Columbia Fire was using Command Channel 2 to coordinate their units that were stationed on the ground at the Colonial Center, mostly running minor medical calls and unlocking cars that people left the keys in.

USC-PD is encrypted now so obviously they were un-monitorable, but I assume they were running they show inside the Colonial Center along with the Secret Service.

Anyone else catch get any good information?
Not open for further replies.