Bike(bicycle) Thread

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Feb 20, 2007
Well I dont think a bike thred has been started before, probly becuase ther arnt meny who ride one, if so prove me wrong.

Well im no "expert" when it comes to bikes, just the laws of the road, but I have estimated ive rode around 5,000 miles(maybe more hadnt really kept track) on my bike(s) give'in 10 miles a day or every other day for the past some odd years.

I currntly own 2 bikes a Trek 26" Dual Susp, and a Next(wal mart) BMX bike for crusing and "REAL" exersizing
Im not a trick'ster just like to ride, and sometimes see how fast I cant get up to, Ive hit 30-35mph before, but dont want to do it again, I have a scare to prove it.

The best one Ive ever had was a GT Mountian Chucker, I had to sell it for money.

I like to be able to aford something like this 2wheel drive

Well I thought Id share, see who all enjoys this hobby too.
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