BCDx36HP: Bingo! Found Solution to Earphone Issue


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Jan 24, 2004
Waco, Texas
I would rather be drawn and quartered than to send anything back for repair; however, when it comes to my main squeeze, well, that is a last resort issue.

I have been having an odd issue with the earphone jack one my 436HP radios.

436HP #1 has issues with the programming port (work-around by using card reader to avoid shipping), but the earphone jack works fine.

436HP #2 can be programmed with the serial port, but the earphone jack won't accept mono or stereo 3.mm jacks, dead silence.

For ****s and giggles, I decided to try another adapter that worked fine. If someone recommended such in one of my other threads about 436HP earphone problems, I must have missed it.

If you want to avoid shipping your 436HP for a similar problem, this might shed light. I still don't know if I blew out the earphone set-up that the manual warns against.

The three ring plug adapter worked like a charm, loud and clear.
Three ring.jpgTwo rings.jpg