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Bird 43 meter movement question

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Dec 11, 2011
PORT LINCOLN South Australia
Hi Everybody,

I'm hoping there are some Bird 43 aficionados in here! :)

The glass in my Bird 43 Wattmeter is loose. I bought the 43 on eBay a few years ago with a leather case and 12 slugs for ~$330...a good price I thought! It's a great asset in my RF toolkit.

Following instructions found on the internet I disassembled my Bird 43 and pulled apart the meter movement (three countersunk screw on the sides).

The glass is held in place with a metal ring that has a formed lip on one side. In my meter this lip was up against the glass.

I am finding that the metal ring does not really hold the glass in place by itself (with friction alone)and there doesn't seem to be anything else that might hold the metal ring in place... I can easily push the glass back in with almost no effort.

If I insert the metal ring with the lip away from the glass, the lip seems to press against the meter dial (the bit with the numbers on it!) and this pushes the glass firmly against the front of the meter assembly... but this is not how it was when I got it.

Can someone in here confirm which way is the correct way and how firm should the glass be held in place if the lip of the metal retaining ring is indeed supposed to push against the glass?


Not open for further replies.