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Birmingham Fire & Rescue

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May 23, 2003
Since about 15:00CDT on 8.15.07, Birmingham Fire has been using the old
VHF 154.1900 for station tone-out dispatching. This started during a severe T-storm.
If you only listen to the digital dispatch talkgroup (49168), wou will miss the initial
voice dispatch.( Unfortunately this means putting up with the tones!)
Program 154.1900 into the same bank as your Motorola control channel and remove
the delay from both. You should hear the tones followed by voice on VHF,
Responses and other traffic will come through on TG# 49168.
I assume this is temporary until whatever damage was caused by the storm is


Oct 16, 2005
Warrior Alabama
Tone alerts

I talked with a Capt, with Bham F.D.this evening. He said they are having trouble with the new system (digital) alert, and will be using the old tones until it is repaired. Capt. said he did not know any details. I will repost if I can find out more. Have a good day
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