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Birmingham / JCSO Digital System

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Mar 14, 2004
I know several may already know this but, in case there are some who aren't aware, you can use the Jefferson County control channels for the Birmingham TG's and visa-versa. At my home, the Birmingham control channels give me about 2 bars. When I use the Jefferson County control channels, I have full bars most of the time. You don't have the make any changes to the TG ID's for either Birmingham or Jefferson County.

Hope that helps.

Also, now that I have this new scanner I've been trying to get all the frequencies and TG's set up. I've noticed that a lot of the TG ID's in the database for the JC system are incorrect now that they have started sharing towers with Birmingham. I currently have identified 168 TG ID's for the combined system. Once I get everything set up, I would be glad to share them as well as send them to the database here.


May 23, 2003
You are right about the tower sharing/control channel issue. I have found that if I use
the active Jefferson County (WNHV507) control channel, I can hear all talkgroups.
When using a Birmingham (WPZE311) control channel a radio has to be affiliated to
the site/zone I'm monitoring.
Here are a few unlisted ID's I have picked-up, I think I submitted them to RR Database
but I'm not sure.

Jefferson County Sheriff:
41200 TAC-1
41232 TAC-2
41264 TAC-3
41296 TAC-4
22896 "P-CALL" (all units go 10-41 on this analog TG)

Birmingham Police:
51856 VICE-1
51888 VICE-2
51920 VICE-3
51952 VICE-4
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