Blackberry montioring issues

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Nov 20, 2009
Lawrenceburg TN
HI I am new to this and have succesfully added a stream in Lawrence County TN. without issues. My problem is the Blackberry browser doesnt want to play nice. I have a curve on ATT. Now understand I have tried the following and these are the issues. I tried the BBscanner and it works great except when its running I cannot recieve incoming phone calls. I can place calls and I receive emails but the phone calls go directly to VM. I have the updated version on the site.

I tried using the BB browser and after changing it to emulate IE i was able the first time to get the built in media player to come up and play my feed non stop without issues. However I cannot get the media player woring again now..The browser says the file is too large or it just times out. I have rechecked to ensure I have the IE not BB browser set as others have done but still im getting the too large 413 i think it is.

Has anyone fought this battle and have a solution for a win??? Any help is appreciated!!
Not open for further replies.