Blair Wal-Mart Radios.

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Jul 8, 2007
Northeast Nebraska
There is a new Blair Wal-Mart opening March 14th, 2012 I'm too far away but I do hear some talk on 154.570Mhz
That is most likely the frequency or one of many frequencies they use. Most Walmart stores use nationwide itinerant frequencies. I'm too far away from Walmart here in Norfolk to see what frequencies they use. When I lived in Irvington, the Walmart off Blair High Rd and 99th St. used 154.5700 and occasionally 154.6000.

Here is a link for more info about itinerant/business frequencies.

Common Itinerant and Business - The RadioReference Wiki

You may find quite a bit of activity on those frequencies Allan, besides Walmart, most of it will also likely be coming from the Cargill Campus.
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