Blue Angels in Peoria

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Nov 3, 2005
They have been practicing all day. Got a free show from the Bradley Campus. Have heard them on the following frequencies.

A-A & GND Support 143.6000
A-A X-C Blue Angels 237.8000
A-A X-C Blue Angels 238.1500
Startup Blue Angels 237.8000
Startup Blue Angels 273.3000
Startup Blue Angels 275.3500
Startup Blue Angels 284.2500
Comm Cart 173.8250
ATC Observer 143.0000
Diamond Blue Angels 238.1500
Diamond Blue Angels 263.3500
Diamond Blue Angels 264.3500
Diamond Blue Angels 264.5500
Diamond Blue Angels 265.0000
Diamond Blue Angels 275.3500
Diamond Blue Angels 284.2500
Diamond Blue Angels 299.6500
Diamond Blue Angels 307.7000
Solos Blue Angels 237.8000
Solos Blue Angels 249.6250
Solos Blue Angels 251.6000
Solos Blue Angels 345.9000
Solos Blue Angels 346.5000
Delta Blue Angels 237.8000
Delta Blue Angels 275.3500
Fat Albert Blue Angels 236.4500
Fat Albert Blue Angels 263.3500
Fat Albert Blue Angels 263.5000
Fat Albert Blue Angels 273.3000
Fat Albert Blue Angels 305.5000
Unk Blue Angels 254.5000
Unk Blue Angels 262.8500
Unk Blue Angels 381.0000
Unk Blue Angels 255.2000
Unk Blue Angels 302.1000

Programmed all of those into my 396 and am getting all of the action.



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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
You heard them on ALL of these? Typically they choose a few freqs to work with. The comm cart freq looks quite old - although it's certainly possible they were using it. They've been using VHF narrow band channels in the past for this. Which ones did you actually hear comms on?

We're trying to keep a list of active freqs in our wiki so folks can have a ready reference of logs from which to work. The MT article (although it's still the 2007 issue, it's still a very good list, and it's PDF...) can be found here...(by the way, just like on these forums, anything in blue is a link)

73 and thanx...Mike
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