Blue Angels live chatter now - Lemoore NAS - This weekend

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Nov 19, 2005
Listening to them now on 346.5 Mhz (Blue Angels Solos 5)
Also on 237.8 Mhz (Blue Angeles Delta 1 / BA Air to Air)

They're flying around I presume doing recon before the show this week to get a feel for the area. I don't really know. Just speculating.

Topics thus far:
- Expensive wine someone bought and a brand (Joy?) they didn't like at dinner.
- A golf caddy one of them hired that told bad jokes and cost him $100.
- Area in Central California that was used for a movie scene for Behind Enemy Lines
- Someone spotted a golf course at 10 O'Clock
- One of them just asked what mountain range it was, another chimed in that it was still the Sierra Nevada range. (Yep, it's a massive mountain range)
- Surprised there was snow on the Sierra's. (If you go high enough, there's always snow.)
- They're now flying through Yosemite and looking at Halfdome and the falls.
- Forming up closer, so they can see their shadow and concerns with the sun.
- I think one of them snapped some photos while over Yosemite...yeah confirmed. One asked if they got good photos.

OK, I think they grouped up to see if the chase plane's shadow, or another BA, would show up in the photos. Sounds like they were taking photos using Yosemite as their backdrop. They're talking about it again, saying it may not be good enough for litho, but good enough for E-mail. Someone said something about Photoshop.

- Looks like they're landing. Just a few miles out now from Lemoore NAS.
- Talking about how the tower kept one guy at 4000 yesterday until just about 2 miles from the runway.

It would be cool if the Blue Angles would transmit their ADS-B data while in the U.S., so I/we could track that way as well. That would be some nice, fast moving plots.

I have also heard the phrase "Blue Sky" quite often the last two days on the usual Lemoore NAS freqs and didn't hear it before the Blue Angels arrival.

Losing the plane chatter as they lose altitude. Lemoore NAS is about 33nm from my location and I have a significant tree close and between the antenna and that location.

9:10AM - It's over.


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Dec 19, 2002

Can you advise what frequencies were used at the Air Show by the Blue Angels. I am going to the show at Jx NAS next week.


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
Can you advise what frequencies were used at the Air Show by the Blue Angels. I am going to the show at Jx NAS next week.
You can start here...

I would also use the search tools on this site for Blue Angels (not Angles - I get a chuckle anytime I read that!) freqs used in 2011 airshows. Between that, the Milcom blog at MT and perhaps the Milcom mailing list you should have a pretty good idea of possible freqs. Don't forget to report what you hear.

best regards..Mike
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