Boise Dispatch Center - 2020 Mobilization Guide


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Apr 19, 2005
3,452 BDC MOB Guide.pdf - 28 pages

lots of interesting items in here - no specific radio freqs listed

Boise Dispatch Center is not an "all-risk" dispatch center - ie they dont dispatch law enforcement units - but since cellphones do not work in many rural areas - they do commonly receive reports of emergencys via radio - and they have procedures for dispatchers to report those emergencys - which probably includes a list of 10 digita telephone numbers for contacting the sheriffs offices in the rural counties

Lightning Plan - sometimes they get 50 new fires in 1 day - response levels are cut to the Low Level - which is probably just 1 engine

BLM staffs 17 engines plus 3 dozers, 2 water tenders, and 1 fuel truck - they can staff 3 extra engines with old guys if needed

Boise Natl Forest staffs 8 type 4 engines

State Forestry staffs 4 type 6 engines

GS = guard station
RD = ranger district
RS = ranger station
WC = work center
WS = work ?station?

Not sure on all of this - but in the old days I think the USFS just had ranger stations and guard stations. The District Ranger (boss man) worked at the Ranger Station. The Guard Stations took orders from the Ranger Station. Over the years, many of the District Rangers have been merged. Possibly - an old Ranger Station that no longer has a District Ranger is now called a Work Center or Work Station. The term "guard station" seems to have fallen out of favor. (just trying to give a general overview here - the terms are probably heard on the radio now and then)

Boise NF has a Command Trailer - and the Idaho State Police Mobile Command Post is also available for use.

3 or 4 helos are available. Ty1 are the largest. TY3 are the smallest. The "helo module" for the CWN helos is the "overhead" staffing from the USFS or BLM. In other words - when the USFS hires a helo from Joes Sightseeing Helo Inc for use on a big fire - the helo will be staffed by 1 pilot from Joes Inc - and he will be supported by a "helicopter manager" or maybe a "helo crew manager" or similar from USFS or BLM or a wildfire agency.