Boulder Rural Joint Response Area

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Jun 10, 2006
Broomfield/Aurora, CO
From BRFD Website:

Joint Response Area

Dear Boulder Rural Customer:
We are constantly striving to improve service to our district through a variety of progressive and unique programs. We continuously look for innovative methods to ensure the highest quality of service to you, our customers, while trying to keep costs minimized. We are leaders in the emergency service in Boulder County, and we are pleased to announce an improved partnership with our neighboring agency, Mt View!
During the last 3 years, Boulder Rural and Mt.View fire districts have been investigating the possibilities of combining our resources to maximize service to the Gunbarrel/Niwot areas. We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship through mutual aid agreements, which allow each agency to rely on the other during a major emergency call for additional apparatus and personnel. In an effort to take the next step in improving our service levels, we are preparing to launch a trial phase of a more formal agreement to combine resources more effectively and to the better advantage of our customers.
What the leadership of the agencies and their respective boards have arrived at is the establishment of a Joint Response Area (JRA). This is a mutually beneficial arrangement which would more efficiently share resources while improving response and medical care for the area defined as the JRA. Essentially, this area is bounded by 95th St on the East, Longmont on the North, Hwy. 36 on the West and Boulder to the South. Within this area, BRFD will provide its Paramedic Engine and Mt. View will provide its Paramedic Rescue/Ambulance, with additional apparatus available from each agency and our neighbors in the event of a major emergency situation.
Once the agreement is operational, Pridemark ambulance will still provide ambulance coverage with BRFD’s Paramedic Engine in the event the Mountain View unit is on a call, and will continue to provide service to BRFD customers not within the JRA boundary. When not on a call, Mountain View’s multiple Rescue/Ambulance units will be roving throughout their district, including the JRA. These enhanced response teams will bring 5 highly qualified responders, cross trained in Fire, Rescue, Hazmat and EMS to every call within the JRA.
The JRA has been designed with economy in mind, the goal being to cover all additional expenses incurred while generating revenue for both districts through the transport revenue. The rates are comparable to the existing service provided by Pridemark. This is a win-win for the customers of both districts as it provides better service through more personnel and joint response while containing costs. We expect complete implementation of the JRA by April 1st, 2007.
We thank you for your continued support of Boulder Rural Fire Protection District as we strive to provide you the best possible service. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback, so please give us a call at 303-530-9575.
Charles Simmons, BRFD Board President
Bruce Mygatt, BRFD Fire Chief
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