Brandmeister tutorial to change talkgroups without touching your radio!!


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Jun 22, 2007
Tampa Bay Florida
If you are at home and have access to a pc or mobile phone you can change talkgroups using the Brandmeister dashboard.This is how to do it.

Go the the Brandmeister dashboard....
Dashboard | BrandMeister
then login to your account.
On this page on the left hand column select my hotspots...make sure your hotspot is turned on before you do this.
Now click on your DMR hotspot number it should be green.. if it is red wait until your hotspot is fully booted up it will turn green when this happens.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see static talkgroups, in the white box put the talkgroup number you want to listen to into the white box then click on the red arrow it will move into the white box to the right.Thats it... you can put multiple talkgroups into this area just remember that if you have more than one Brandmeister will switch to the most active talkgroup in sequence.
As long as your radio is on your DMR hotspot freq you will hear activity on the talkgroup you placed here.

If you want to respond to the active talkgroup on your Anytone radio when the talkgroup is active click on the * button you should see moni reply success this means you can now talk on this talkgroup regardless of what is in your radio.

Get tired of the talkgroup you selected simply remove it from the Brandmeister dash board.


May 10, 2017
Thanks for that Tim, clever , set up and working great, nice to see it switch TG,s and not just sitting on One.