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Aug 31, 2009
Brevard County, FL
Hello everyone...

I live in Brevard County, to be exact, Palm Bay FL. I used to live in Miami back in the 90's and hosted a website call Dade County Frequencies and those days it was the place to get accurate information for comms in Metro-Dade County & all things to do with Federal Comms. Since then, I moved to Brevard County in 2002 and due to personal reasons, put my radio monitoring on hold.

After attending the Melbourne Hamfest this past October, and meeting up with some of my old time friends (EL PICHIRULO!), I've decided to get back into monitoring. It's incredible how many new features are in the new trunk trackers versus the old ones. My outdated equipment includes a BC-250D (Main Scanner), BC-245XLT, AOR-1000, Pro-43 (for eTrunker), and an M/A-Com LPE200 Provoice radio. I'll be looking into ordering a BC-396XT really soon and perhaps purchasing a multiband radio such as an APX or Unity.

Like before, I've decided to set up a website for monitoring public safety comms. I've called it Brevard County Frequencies & Talkgroups or BCFT. Instead of a traditional site, I've gone ahead and hosted this on my personal sharepoint server. This platform is ideal for group collaborations, and will allow for hosting of files, discussions, blogging, and much more. Please feel free to visit my site...

Her are my websites:

Dade County Frequencies & Talkgroups (DCFT) [No longer in service, just archived]
Dade County Frequencies and Talkgroups

Brevard County Frequencies & Talkgroups (BCFT)
Home - Brevard County Frequencies and Talkgroups

BCFT Twitter
BCFT (_BCFT) on Twitter

Feels good to be back!!!


Oct 11, 2005
Jawjuh :)
Brevard Web Sites


Having worked at NASA for many years and doing the original Brevard Feeds way back when, I bought these domains:

Now inactive and Stored:

Still running:

And if y'all have interest in any of these, PM or E-Mail me..
(this is NOT an "offer-to-sell", per se, but assessing interest and want to see them used)

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Now in GA Mountains, Hammin; it up at 1550' not 12' ASL :)
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