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The following was entered by user 'Ccd530' in an unattached article in the wiki, and is brought out here since it's more likely to find folks that know what is going on here...

Brevard County TRS Talk Groups
List of possible corrections needed

1) 1/1/10 10:50
FR unit ack and responds to meet an LEO to confirm if a line down is a power line or not on "North Training" 441 03-071?

The FR call on "North Training 441 03-071 was patched to 2043 15-153 and picked up on Site 4 Eau Gallie
I didn't catch the unit number as they reported "hazard removed and road clear; returning".
The dispatcher's voice was different that the ones that I was used to hearing this morning.

2) 1/1/10 09:30
BCFR units switching to "Dispatch 2" were found to be on "Central" 403 03-022.
BCFR units switching to "Tac 61" were found to be on "Tac 33" 411 03-033

73 Mike
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