Bridgeport, CT - New combined communications Center Opens

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May 28, 2006
Bethpage, NY
Last week in Bridgeport, Connecticut a new communications center that combines Fire and Police went online. The total cost of the new equipment, technology and new radios was approximately $8 Million.

BRIDGEPORT -- A week ago, when Bridgeporters called 911 from a landline, they reached State Police and, unless they were reporting an incident on state roadways, got transferred to the city's Fire Department dispatch on Congress Street.

If need be, they were transferred again to police dispatch in the basement of City Hall.

But no more.

The city has combined its emergency dispatch centers under one roof at 581 North Washington Ave. and switched to a full civilian staff with help from a federal grant, hoping to increase efficiency, save money and update an antiquated system.
Here is the link to the article in the Connecticut Post.
New Bridgeport 911 center up and running, with some static - Connecticut Post
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