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Dec 11, 2002
Brighton 2nd Alarm Attic Fire | 5280FIRE

2/6/2012 ~ At 18:53 Adcom alerted Greater Brighton Firefighters to structure fire at 25200 East 152nd Avenue. The resident advised that the fire started in the chimney and had moved into the attic of the home. First due Engine 54 reported heavy black smoke showing from the Alpha & Bravo side of the structure. Battalion 51 asked dispatch for a working fire tone. Engine 54 made entry with a line, began pulling ceiling and requested vertical ventilation. Engine 52 established a water supply with tender shuttle. A 2nd Alarm was toned out with a mutual-aid request from Thornton & Hudson Fire Districts. It took firefighters over an hour to get the fire under control. The fire was confined to the attic of the home with extensive overhaul needed. Two firefighters sustained minor injuries and a few pets did not survive, but firefighters were able to save a family dog. North Metro Fire Rescue moved-up to cover the city of Brighton. The cause of the fire is under investigation. No other injuries were reported.
Just after 0100 the same Brighton units responded to a well involved trailer home fire at 3060 Bridge Street.

Companies On The Ticket: BC51, C55, E54, E52, TW51, T53, TN52, TN53, TN54 & M59

Companies On The 2nd Alarm: E53, E55, C53, BC71, E75, M75, E66 & E2804.
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