Broadcastify Calls showing incorrect duration

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Feb 23, 2007
I recently started uploading my local system to Broadcastify Calls. As I'm monitoring the feed, I'm noticing that the duration of the calls listed is much longer than the actual duration of the call. In just a brief scan of recent activity I've seen the discrepancy range from 4 seconds (a one second call showing as 5) to 11 seconds (13 showing as 24.) There doesn't appear to be any exact consistency to the difference in duration.

This is only happening on the BCFY Calls platform. The same system uploading to OpenMHz appears as it should. This also is not happening on my analog feed going only to BCFY Calls which is running on the same machine as the P25 system. I'm also noticing it in all areas where these talkgroups are shown (live node feed, live playlist feed, live feed and archive linked from the Radio Reference database.)

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything on my end that can fix it?

Not open for further replies.