Broadcastify Calls Update - 4/16/2020

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Hi folks,

Wanted to give a brief update on the Broadcastify Calls project. It is coming along nicely and performance and features/functionality are exceeding expectations for sure. Our ability to directly couple the project with the RadioReference Database is really going to revolutionize how we capture and monitor radio systems.

This latest update lets you know what all live talkgroup and frequency functions have been completed and are working great. We've also pushed out a lot of bug fixes.

This is a current list of systems online capturing calls from different trunked and conventional systems around the country:

Calls System Status

We've also rolled out a coverage browser which collects into a single browsable tree all captured frequencies and talkgroups, grouped by location and service tag. Because we might have multiple people capturing the same thing, and our system automatically drops duplicates, we can present a single window of everything captured in the system regardless of who actually captures it.

You can browse and click through to each entry to listen directly here

Broadcastify Calls Coverage

We've also added statistics graphs, archives support, etc. The real final major thing to develop is user defined custom playlists where users can build their down playlists of frequencies and talkgroups across multiple systems and locations seamlessly. That is coming soon. In the meantime, we've got some test playlists which demonstrate the functionality.

Broadcastify Calls Playlists

Also, we are ready to onboard anyone who wants to contribute calls or build an ingest system. You can follow the instructions here, and you'll have to submit a support request but we'll get you approved ASAP and quickly.

Coming soon are better features for the live playing (advance forward and playback options etc) as well as the custom playlists, and we'll simplify the onboarding of new systems with forms and API keys being issued shortly. But in the meantime, if you want to get started sending to us, email us at and follow the instructions in the previous link and we'll get you going ASAP.



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Founder and CEO? dang.
I'm about to explore those links, but wanted to show respect and thanks for what you and no doubt an impressive team have created in this site.
What a wonderful resource for so many people. I mean...Broadcastify to boot, really, it all makes me just marvel.
I've always come here for answers...although most is over my head.
Thank You!


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I currently run a feed and feel like I'm technical enough to get a calls stream set up and running. However, I don't want to do it to the detriment of the current streaming feed that is available.

I can't find anything in the documentation, but with the same radio and hardware will I be able to continue to stream my legacy feed while supplying call data or do I have to stand up a separate rig to be able to do both?
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