Broward County Wiki complete reorganization

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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
This county's wiki was beginning to become quite a mess. It was overlapping topics and had duplicate links, and was becoming much too long to be easily maintainable.

I have totally reorganized the data along the concept of one topic/one article, which should make it much easier to read. In addition, all the links have been moved to the last page. There are numerous navigation links at the bottom of each article.

I'm keeping most of the original data as orphans for the time being to insure nothing got lost in the transition, but if you folks would go ahead and look this over, let me know anything that got hosed up.

If you wish to continue adding data, please do so - but use the structure I've put in place. This is one of the largest geographically-related wiki articles we have, and it will be important going forward to let this grow in an organized manner. The URL is:

Broward County (FL) - The RadioReference Wiki

73 Mike
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