Buddistick/pole Question

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Apr 11, 2011

I hope posting this under this specific forum is proper. I'm currently using a Icom R75 receiver for listening to SW/LW/MW and the HF amateur radio bands. I've been using a End Fedz SWL wire antenna for shortwave but it hasn't done as well on the HF amateur radio sidebands. So I recently got a Buddistick, (not the popular Buddipole). I'm really happy with it so far and it has been outperforming my End Fedz SWL antenna.

The question I have is aimed at anyone else who has a Buddistick or Buddipole antenna. I was wondering how well they stand up in less than ideal conditions like rain and snow? I'm using mine on a balcony about 100 feet up on the top floor of a apartment. I'm using the standard coil and whips that came with the Buddistick, but just ordered a low band coil and their military style shock cord whip, which I think will hold up better in the winter outside than the one that came with it.

In winds like we had here last night the whip on top was really blowing around a lot compared to my other MFJ 1522 dual band antenna. So I expect to take it down when winds get up in speed. I'm mainly concerned about rain since I don't know how well the coil is sealed from the weather as well as their whip antennas.

I fed it with LMR400 and PL-259 which all my antennas are fed with, and the connection there has been sealed with Coaxseal. I realize I could learn more from the Yahoo group which I just signed up with today but its taking some time to get approved there, so I thought I would ask here on the durability and weather proof strength of this antenna system.

Not open for further replies.