Buffalo Police car numbering system

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May 8, 2003
New York State
Now that Buffalo Police Department became the first in the area to switch to Digital P-25, all my neighbors want to come over to listen to my BCD396XT.
Question, does anyone know how Buffalo PD assigns patrol vehicle numbers?

All I know is the following:

The 1st Letter is one of the Five Police Districts:
Adam, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Edward.

The 1st number is the particular 10 hour patrol shift:
1 0000-1000 hrs.
2 0600-1600 hrs.
3 1000-2000 hrs.
4 1530-0130 hrs.
5 2000-0600 hrs.

The 2nd number is one of the Four Sectors within a District. According to the Police Department’s District map, each of the Five Districts has only Four Sectors.

The 3rd number is another car(s) in that sector. Adam 130, Adam 131, Adam 132, etc.

For example, “Adam 130” would be a car in “A” District (South Buffalo) working the 0000-1000 shift in Sector 3.

It appears that a “5”, as in Adam 150, is a Lieutenant.

I hear cars with a “6”, “8” or “9”.
Like Adam 160, Adam 180, Adam 190.

Anyone know what the “6”, “8” or “9” stands for??


Apr 13, 2014
ya man your totally off by alot!

their is no Adam 180 no 1 numbers no 3 numbers

lol their numbers are their assigned number on their shift and district if they get switched to different districts it changes has nothing to do with car number lol or rank

shift is also how they get their numbers so your sort of right lol
morning shift is 6-4 is all 2 number cars for example B230/Bravo 230 or Adam 210
second shift is all 4 numbers Adam 440
third shift guys are all 5 numbers Adam 550 has nothing to do with car,rank, or sector
Lieutenants are same their are just assigned a number on their shift always the same number obviously but ya


Sep 29, 2014
Dude, you are the one who is totally off by a lot. Diceplayer is absolutely correct. As for your assertion that there is no Adam 180, the 180 cars are detail cars and not assigned to a specific sector. The 80 cars are utilized by all districts and on all shifts. Also, a 5 in the second spot means that the car is a supervisor. Usually a Lieutenant, but it can also be a Captain. The last number is a little more arbitrary and can mean several things, but typically its the first car called when all cars in the sector are available for service.
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