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Jun 26, 2011
Mohave County, AZ
Hey all, wrote this up on the wiki pages but figured I'd add the info as a thread as well. If there's any interest also have a pretty detailed list of codes used as well.

Bullhead City Police Dept.

The Bullhead City Police Department is the law enforcement agency for the city of Bullhead only, with outlying areas being served by Mohave County Sheriffs Office, DPS, Fort Mohave Tribal PD as well as BLM and NPS law enforcement in the federal areas.

The city is divided into 4 beats:
  • Beat 1: Starts at Mile Post 4 on HWY 68 (La Puerta) and goes South to Pass Canyon Rd. On HWY 95
  • Beat 2: Starts at Pass Canyon Rd and HWY 95 and extends South to Hancock Rd.
  • Beat 3: Starts at Hancock Rd and extends South to Riverview
  • Beat 4: Starts at Riverview and extends to the city limits at Sterling Rd.
  • Beat 5: Is a roving beat not assigned geographically but is a unit that will respond to calls in any area needed. This beat is not always assigned.
  • In addition to the above beats you'll usually hear a shift corporal and a shift sergeant on duty.

The patrol officers use their badge numbers as their primary callsigns. Regular beat officers may go over the air as 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, 4XXX, 5XXX which designates which beat they are assigned to. Specialized units and higher ups have letter designators at the beginning of their call signs.

Special Letter Designators

  • A- “Adam” units are various admin positions and civilian resources. Jail transport and certain crime scene responders use these callsigns.
  • C- “Charlie” units are the shift Corporals.
  • D- “David” units are detective units.
  • I- “Ida” units are Vice/ Narcotic units. You will rarely hear these units as most work is undercover and off public air.
  • L- “Lincoln” units are lieutenant callsigns. You won’t hear them on the air other than for big events.
  • R- “Robert” units are the school resource officers.
  • S- “Sam” units are the sergeants.
  • T- “Tom” units are the traffic units.
  • U- “Union” units are the sworn forensics units.
  • Z- “Zebra” units have two different assignments. Zebra heard on PD 4 channel are the animal care and welfare officers. Zebra units hears on PD 1, PD 2, or PD 3 are units from the GIITEM task force with DPS. These last units primarily operate on DPS channels and use their resources.
  • HQ1 is the police chief
  • HQ2 is the police captain
Police Radio Channels
There are 4 police department radio channels; PD 1, PD 2, PD 3, and PD 4.
  • PD 1 is the primary channel. This is where calls are dispatched and where units initially respond.
  • PD 2 is the “records” channel. Units are supposed to switch to this channel to run 27’s 28’s and 29’s.
  • PD 3 is the tactical channel used as needed for big events, car to car traffic and during summer months the boating units use this as their primary channel.
  • PD 4 is the channel used exclusively by the animal care and welfare officers (Zebra units) as well as the jail transport officers (Adam units.)
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