Buncombe County P25

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Dec 10, 2000
South Carolina
I was in the Asheville area this weekend and ran DSD+ on the Buncombe County P25 system.

This thread from a couple of years ago questioned Phase I vs Phase II. Based on my monitoring, it's all still Phase I FDMA transmissions.

I had marginal reception of the East Simulcast site from my location so I only monitored it long enough to pick up the control channels and site details but didn't pick up all of the voice frequencies. But the most interesting thing I noted was that Site 1.3 Courthouse was not listed as a neighbor site by either East or West sites. It's as if it's not even there. Curious. Anyway, here's the P25 data DSD+ logged on the system.

Network: 4563D.30E ; Buncombe Co

Bandplan #0: Base=769.08125 Offset=+30 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5
Bandplan #1: Base=809.0625 Offset=-45 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5
Bandplan #2: Base=769.08125 Offset=+30 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5 Slots=2
Bandplan #3: Base=854.0625 Offset=-45 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5 Slots=2

Site: 1.1 NAC=301 ; West Simulcast

Neighbor: 4563D.30E-1.2 ; East Simulcast

Channel 0-0: 769.08125 VOICE
Channel 0-208: 771.68125 CC
Channel 0-247: 772.16875 VOICE
Channel 0-295: 772.76875 VOICE
Channel 0-387: 773.91875 DATA

Site: 1.2 NAC=302 ; East Simulcast

Neighbor: 4563D.30E-1.1 ; West Simulcast

Channel 0-57: 769.79375 SCC
Channel 0-83: 770.11875 CC
Channel 0-272: 772.48125 VOICE


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Mar 24, 2007
Charlotte, NC
Site 3 only carries traffic for the jail talkgroups and to my knowledge that is the only place carries any TDMA traffic since it's only a 2 or 3 channel site.

Since other county TGs don't roam from the simulcast sites to the jail and the jail TGs don't roam to the simulcasts I suppose they don't have adjacent sites provisioned to avoid radios from constantly trying to roam off and get rejected.
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