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Burlington Area Observations July 2019


Jan 8, 2008
Drexel Hill, PA
I'm vacationing in the Burlington area this weekend. So far I've made a few observations that I may submit to the database for updating.

1) Essex PD appears to be mostly encrypted now on their P25 repeater. I've heard 1 or 2 units in the clear and everything else was encrypted. Also I have not observed any use of analog on their frequency or any of the other police departments in the area that were using both analog and P25 on their repeaters - seems everyone has fully transitioned to P25.
2) Chittenden County Fire Tac 5 (154.175) observed with a 245 DPL in use.
3) Caught a transmission on Burlington's Traffic Enforcement VHF Channel (156.2175) this morning P25 in the clear with a 282 NAC. All I was able to catch was that some unit was back in service but couldn't tell as to who. Checked the license for this frequency and it is only licensed for analog narrowband but that doesn't mean anything.
4) Shelburne Dispatch is dispatching Williston Rescue this morning.

If I have anything to add I will do so. I may wait on the database submission until I get back home.