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Burnsville Fire Muster Next Weekend

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It's that time of year again. Here are some frequencies to monitor.

Besides monitoring Burnsville fire, police, and maintenance frequencies, here are some others:
147.210 TCRC (ham radio) to report fire trucks arriving for staging and etc.

Various* Many fire departments stay on their own channel to talk back and fourth in case there is a fire in their local community.

154.295 Statewide Fire Mutual Aid

154.010 Metro Fire - Mutual Aid

153.830 Fire Ground

151.625 Fire Brigades "Common". Used in the past.

Various*Federal Government Cache frequencies. Diasaster Radios, which have been given to many departments and fire brigades - All analog.

Hope to see you this coming friday night from 7-10:30PM or saturday 11AM for the parade in Burnsville.

Yours truly,
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