business feeds/cb/school buses

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Aug 25, 2011
Evansville, IN
I don't have an answer, but I'd like to echo his puzzlement. I guess it's an issue with some sort of civil thing such as the business suing for some privacy concern or whatever, but you are right. I guess there's also the thought that most of those aren't very interesting and that schoolbusses might relay addresses of children. It would be like wikiperv. You could use your smartphone to findout where the kiddies are being dropped off. Some folks might have a problem with that, so I guess rr deecided to ban them specificly. Either way, I'd like rr to be more open-minded. Some folks like listening to the cb and businesses. I can always find something interesting if I'm patient. I know I'm not the norm. Many scanner users limit the majority of there listening to certain aspects of the hobby that give them the most pleasure such as public safety monitoring or aircraft, but there are others like myself who gain enjoyment from many aspects of scanning.

I personally might be interested in hotels/stadeums, especially during high profile events, film crews, itinerant and frs/gmrs/murs/cb during high comotion events such as the occupy protests. There are others, but these are some good examples.
Not open for further replies.