Busy Week in Portland

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Mar 12, 2004
From very early Sunday AM to Friday we have had 12 or 13 working fires. (I lost count).
The last was a "double header", 2 within 3 minutes of each other.

I just started my car to go to a kitchen fire on NE 78th Ave. and another box
was struck for a house fire on 125th and Division, just a few blocks away.
I got to the intersection just as the first engine, Eng. 31, turned into 125th.

There are car fires and there are CAR FIRES. This was a CAR FIRE, PLUS!
Heavy fire from the fully involved car was extending into a duplex.

After about one minute there was heavy involvement in the duplex.

Crews were working inside and hitting it from outside, too.

After a few minutes, the outside fire was knocked down.

But there was still active fire in the attic. Truck 7 was working on the roof.

Truck 7's Lt. Martin ponted out a hot spot to FF Stevens as FF Hough looks on.

Not open for further replies.