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CA--TX..17 &19?


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Sep 9, 2013
Collin Co, TX
Eastbound in a few weeks. Taking I-40 most of the way. Are channels 17 & 19 still the mainstays or are there any other channels I should add into my scan?


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Jul 27, 2005
I am a lineman for the county.
I drove from California to Texas and back via various routes a few times. When I had a CB in the truck, 19 is where I heard most of what little traffic there was. I did have the radio set up to scan 9, 11, 17, 19 and probably a few others. Really didn't hear a whole lot. Only talked to a few people along the way.


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Aug 4, 2020
Fort Worth
IH-40 is heavy commercial traffic. Weekends are less trucks thus less talk.

CB use on 19 picks up when you get to Texas, and from there all the way to Knoxville.

It’ll be what you make of it. It’s not passive, must act. SPEAK UP. If your range is only a couple of miles TX/RX, keep expectations low.

70 & 75-MPH speed limits are what killed interest for most, not phones.

An AM/SSB NRC-equipped radio and antenna 5’ minimum plus to 14’ total height is what will perform best given roof center mount.

Skip is particularly bad this year, and the paid trolls on base stations spend all day every day screwing up 19 as best they can without appearing to do so. They’re the problem, not the drivers.

FWIW, big trucks have antennas as delivered from factory. Some are built-in, can’t be seen. Who does or doesn’t have them not really a sign of anything.
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