Cable for cellular antenna help needed. coax cable ?


Jul 23, 2021
I'm purchasing an antenna from waveform for the use of a outside antenna for cellular signal and they recommend this cable here:
SureCall SC400 Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cable

But I need a 50 footer instead of the 30 that comes with it and there 50 ft is highly priced, can someone tell me if this one here on amazon: 15-Meter(49.2 Ft) Low Loss RG58 N Male to SMA Male Antenna RF Coaxial Cable Connector and Two-Way Radio Applications Pure Copper 50 ohm Cable for 3G/4G/5G/LTE/ADS-B/Ham/GPS/WiFi/RF Radio to Antenna: Electronics

is this the same or as good? I do see the difference in ends which is not a problem for me. its much cheaper and longer. not sure of they are both 400 Low loss but not sure what that means vs these
Any help would be great.


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Dec 19, 2002
They really aren't comparable at all. The Amazon cable you linked is what is called RG58, where the SureCall cable is a copy of what is typically called LMR400. The 400 sized cable is nearly twice the thickness of the RG58 coax. The signal loss of 400 is .7bd per 10ft. It is ~2.66db per 10ft of RG58. You can see that with RG58, you will lose most all of the benefit of your outdoor antenna just in signal loss from the cheaper coax.


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Jul 27, 2005
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But I need a 50 footer instead of the 30 that comes with it and there 50 ft is highly priced,
That's not really a bad price.
You can shop around and find it cheaper, but you may very well end up with an inferior 'knock-off' cable, as in not really LMR-400, but ~sorta~ meets the specs. Probably not your best course of action.

You can have custom LMR-400 cables made here:
But that's still $0.99 a foot, plus the cost of connectors, so the $59 bucks that SureCall is charging ain't really that bad.

And you really do want LMR-400 -or better— Some of the cellular frequencies used are up in the 2GHz range, and losses at 50 feet in that range get to be an issue.

In other words, don't cheap out on the cable if you want this to work.