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Calcasieu Parish Unknown TRS'

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Silent Key - Aug 2014
Oct 20, 2002
Katy, TX
A couple of weeks ago as I was driving between Houston and NOLA I noticed some Motorola systems in the Calcasieu Parish area that don't seem to be in the RR Database. Of course I was driving at the time and could not do a lot of investigating but I figure if I provide a starting point, you guys in SW Louisiana might be able to fill in the blanks. All of these had some activity on them, here is what I got:

Around Iowa, LA: CCh 859.13750, SysID-6f34 (hex)
Closer to Lake Charles: CCh 860.06250, SysID-2535 (hex)
In the Lake Charles Area: CCh 860.91250, SysID-2e0c (hex) *(see below)
In the Sulphur Area: CCh 937.21250, SysID-1011 (hex) **(see below)

There were other control channels found, but either we know them or they didn't have any activity on them. This of course does not mean you guys couldn't do some monitoring on the ones we don't have in the DB. :)

* This is probably PPG but apparently no one ever submitted the ID and nobody has monitored it enough to get all of the control channels.

** This probably is Equistar Chemical in Sulphur (WPIM627), but without being able to monitor it for a bit, I cannot say that for sure.
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