Caldwell County & VIPER

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Jun 7, 2006
Rockwell (Rowan County), NC
Hey everyone, I need some help with monitoring Caldwell County......... I frequently visit Caldwell County to volunteer at a facility in Lenoir and before coming up today I added both the Hibritten & Butte Mtn sites to my Unication G5 but I'm getting out of range. I entered both the primary & alternate CC's for both sites, as well as entered both the RFSS and Site info for each site & I'm getting out of range. From where I stand as I type this I can see the top of Hibritten and the VIPER tower. I went back and double checked my programming & such in PPS and it's all entered correctly (based on the DB). Has anything changed lately? Last time I used my 396XT up here it worked fine. Any help the collective could share would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!!! (Pics below of the site scanning and out of range indicators)

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