Calgary changes?

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Sep 13, 2006
Hi everyone, haven't been on here in a while, and noticed the calgary digital freq database has been changed? is there still stuff being added to it and its just not finished or..??

also, the CFD Tac channels, are they not using the conventional TACs anymore, and using the simplex or whats the deal with that, i need to get up to date on whats going on and update my 396 if needed!

thanks !


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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
The database should be pretty up to date; I update it with the stuff I use daily and have available to me in my own scanner(s) etc.

The C7/8/9/10/11/12 simplex channels were turfed earlier this year/last year for the new B1 thru B9 simplex channels and B10/11/12 mobile repeater channels. Also CFD now has trunked tac channels in those older C group spots. Furthermore, very recently, a talkgroup has been added specifically for Bighorn Fire to talk to Fire Dispatch on. This is decimal TG 208 and links dispatch to Bighorn's VHF repeaters and radios through an interconnect at the Bighorn tower site. There's a trunk radio with only one channel in it - 208 - coupled to a VHF radio tuned to Bighorn's frequency. Anything transmitted on 161.595 (if I recall the freq correctly) is simulcast on 208, and vice versa.

There's lots of other changes as well, which can be seen in the DB. As well, there's some new stuff coming from EMS eventually - I don't know how soon, but it will be updated when it happens.
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