Calgary Police 911 policy change

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Dec 14, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
It was interesting today to see the media reports on the CPS change in dispatch policy re 911 hang up calls. I saw a post recently on RR that Calgary Police were often heard talking about pinging cell phones. The person wondered if this was something new. Now that forum question makes total sense.

I was used to Edmonton police pinging 911 hang up calls and assumed wrongly that Calgary was doing the same.

At the time of the homicide Calgary police said the civilian dispatcher had followed policy. Now the media (Global) says that policy changed after a Calgary woman was found dead in her home 16 hours after she called 911 on her cell phone. Now CPS has to do more than just try and call the cell phone back.

This post isn't intended to knock CPS because EPS has learned lots from Calgary regarding communications policy over the years.

RCMP in Northern Alberta have also changed policy regarding a call where a woman was murdered and her 911 call was not dispatched by the civilian dispatcher.

This is also not a knock re civilian vrs. police members dispatching. I wish Edmonton would follow Calgary and the RCMP in having civilian dispatch. Edmonton still sticks to having ex police members as complaint evaluators while well trained communications staff would do the job.
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