California Highway Patrol

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Jan 4, 2005
Soledad, CA
I think it might be for the 700 MHz portables?

As of August, 2007 the CHP is still using the same equipment as detailed here, although the radio fleet is currently transitioning statewide to use a new mobile radio system, the Visteon Tac-Net, which uses a touch-screen computer to control all radio and emergency lighting functions, and which is interfaced to up to five Kenwood mobile radios mounted in the trunk. This new system is being funded in stages and contract awards are being made on a piece-meal basis over the next several years.

The new radio system will continue to use the existing low band analog infrastructure, however a number of new frequencies are being added in that spectrum as well as on the VHF high band. There will be more than one mobile radio "drawer" installed to allow multiple band operation. The portable radios and the associated "extender" mobile repeater will be changed to a 700 MHz system. So far, to my knowledge, at least one contract has been awarded to E.F. Johnson for the portable radios. I do not have information yet on how they plan to equip the motorcycles, since the Visteon equipment is intended for the cars. I will update these pages with new information when I get it.
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