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Call name ect on dispaly TYT MD-2017 & Retevis RT-82 !

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Jan 22, 2016

A great notice , with the Original Firmware 3.33 you can upload CSV files up to 100,000 contractions and then you can see them with a window like the MD380Tools !

Select import and write

For save the data base into the radio select "Read" and "Export"

If say an error EXCELL :

in the MENU in the top:
-> [Program]
--> [Write Contacts]
open the window Read/Write Contacts and select:
-> [Import]
open a window and select *.CSV
--> [Write]

PLEASE control if you gìhave the new CPS 1.17 because the old 1.16 chrge only 35.000 +/-
and not the 100.000 contacts to import the all WW ham-radio (over 65.000 at today ! ).

The FILE CVS is in download on the Facebook group on the TYT MD-2017 !

NB Not OVERWRITE, in the radio you have boths your contacts and the CSV.. always aviable too!
The codeplug in the Folder "Digital Contact" where write the TG, and with the info describe up you can charge the CSV

Now like the old MD-380 and Rtevis RT-3 you in the new radios have all the data on the display ( NOT for the privacy for the eruopean ham-radio that you see only the Call and name ! ).

Export your contacts as csv file. Open your new contacts list in notepad, select all and copy it. Open your radio saved csv file and paste at the end of the last contact. Save file then import back to radio. Because your original contacts are first in the list, it does not mess up all your channels

I have successfully created a CSV file as you described above thank you. I have the new cps software. I have the new firmware with contact CSV enabled.
When I upload it to the cps useing the import function I can only see 10,000 contacts and they only show the ID number and not the persons name. Although when creating the CSV file all the names are clearly there. Thanks for the reply

When you fist look at a blank csv file there is a line there that tells you how to form each line properly

73 de IW2BSF - Rudy



Jan 22, 2016
some ham-radio report that or not work or have errors....... here the solutions :


ok i try but After import It will not go beyond 10,000 contacts !!
Here's how to do it. It's not obvious, but follow the instructions and it works. I have 64,000 contacts in mine.

UK DMR Codeplugs for the MD380 and TYT MD2017. | Alister Chapman
Note that the layout of the .csv file needed for the CSV function is different to the layout used in the CPS contacts list.
It's pretty easy really. Just update the firmware with the right version and then use the right version of the CPS to upload the csv file directly to the radio.

ok, what is the right version ?

TYT-2017 UV-(CSV)V3.33 and UV-(CSV-GPS)V3.33 these are different to the regular V3.33 versions.

Will this change the info I already have in it
No. It should leave any existing code plug as is. The csv database is saved in a separate area. It's always wise however to read your code plug from the radio and save it before proceeding, just in case.
I tried your guide Alister Chapman everything went exactly as you said, but when I read my radio, i still only have my contacts, not the full database


1) I tried your guide Alister Chapman everything went exactly as you said, but when I read my radio, i still only have my contacts, not the full database
Have you turned on the CSV contacts in the utilities menu?
If you go to the contacts menu can you see the CSV contacts?
I see them now, but my csv file must be set up wrong, all I see are "2"'s
Use the .csv file on my website. It was created today so should be up to date and it has the entire DMR database. The formatting is different to the .csv files used by the main contacts list as it allows you to save names, nicknames, cities and countries as well as the ID numbers.
I tried this method but the CPS fails to import the csv database with the error 'Excel fail'
Did you format the fields in the excel file? Only 4 columns of data

2) I can not import the csv database. There is always the error message Exel failt.
You have to have microsoft Excel installed on the computer ?


a) After you set this data base into the radio you lost the RECORD MODE !
(The firmware that allows 100,000 contacts removes the ability to record a QSO (uses same memory space)

b) You also need Microsoft Excel installed, I have the free LibreOffice installed and the import of csv database doesn't work, it caborts with Excel fail

73 de IW2BSF - Rudy
Aug 14, 2006
Elma, WA
The Retevis UserDB Manager, designed for the RT-82, which is essentially the same radio as the MD-2017, now does this job WITHOUT the need for Excel.

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