Cambria County Special Events like the Folk Fest and Thunder in the Valley

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Feb 28, 2007
Does anyone know about how many days/hours before hand special events are in Johnstown?

The reason that I ask is, I was thinking of possibly recording the events with bcTool, and was thinking of getting the "setup audio" as I call it which probably most likely will only be Johnstown Public Works closing streets and stuff, then "ending audio", which I assume will be them unblocking streets.

Now, druhe has already told me that the Thunder in the Valley just rented radios, so I'm assuming the Folk Fest does as well? I believe when you rent radios, you can't really pick the frequenc(y/ies). I'm was too far away to hear Thunder in the Valley radios, so I don't think I will hear Folk Fest radios anyway. I'm in the Moreville/Oakhurst section of Johnstown, which is at least 2 miles away. When I took my handheld to Thunder, nothing really interesting, just mainly problems with tickets and stuff needed to be refilled. Though I guess you wouldn't hear anything major special event radios anyway.
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