can a digital scanner pick up analog?

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Oct 28, 2011
hey guys im new here an finding your forums to have some great info, im learning alot here and came across a serious question that i need answered before i order a bcd396t.

i was looking at the specs of the bcd396t and it says it was "digital". but when i looked what my area is using its not the same thing, i live in Port Richey FL and as this link below shows it we use "Analog"

Pasco County Public Services Trunking System, Pasco County, Florida - Scanner Frequencies

now my question is will i be able to pick up those channels with the bcd396t since its digital? and if so will it be as good as the analog scanners, same, or better signals?

i am looking to get a good scanner for my area to listen to police, fire, and even whether, i have an iphone app of a police scanner and thought that was really cool so i want to get the real thing, unfortunately i can also see these things cost a pretty penny, and they have so many different handheld scanners. i can imagine the most expensive ones will be the best thats why im looking to get the bcd396t, also is the bcd396xt alot different than the bcd396t? because its close to $100 more for the other one i dont think its worth it but i dont know, thats why im asking you guys, whats upgraded from the two?

ok guys thats acouple questions i got carried away, i am ready to make a purchase i want to get my facts straight, but please answer all those questions they are all important to me, i appreciate you taking your time and helping me.
Not open for further replies.