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Can anyone sell me/suggest to me a radio setup between motorcycles and the riders?


Apr 2, 2023
Glasgow, UK
hi folks,

I am wondering if anyone is able to sell me or suggest to me a suitable setup around how I might setup an RT like setup in similar fashion to that of the police in the USA.

we are a group of vehicle collectors who have an interest in restoring ex-USA police vehicles which we import from the US and then after restoring them we take them to motor/motorcycle shows and charity events raising funds for to support the families of those who have paid the ultimate price in the line of service.

Obviously in attending these shows and charity events, it makes for far better authenticity for all participating ‘officers’ to be in uniform, including RT units, and we have been extremely fortunate in that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have been extremely helpful with the provision of uniform items, but clearly there are items which they are not permitted to pass on to the public an/or items which would simply not work in the UK when they are designed for the US. Having said that, in terms of the RT side, as long as it works across our group, it is not necessary to have any compatibility beyond that, as long as it does not contravene any local frequencies etc.

Ideally, we’d like to setup an RT config, most likely using Autocom, as we are not going to be anywhere near the realms of repeaters etc. And this setup would allow ’officers’ to be able to communicate whilst riding/driving as well as and with ‘officers’ who are on foot and using their handheld units.

This is maybe too much or too complex to as for, but I thought I would at least ask if there is any help/guidance/sale items out there that could support our needs.

many thanks!


PE/NB Database Guy
Database Admin
Feb 11, 2008
Not exactly traditional radio, but have you thought of using a free push to talk application such as Zello? It's available across multiple devices and platforms, even hardware devices that look like real radios. Something to think about. Zello is free for anyone, but also offer paid services with extra bells and whistles. All it requires is a data or WIFI network to operate.


I ♥ Ø
Jul 27, 2005
LATA 722
I agree,
There's a fair amount of challenges trying to interface radios and helmets. If you have a lot of different vehicles with different radios, making it all work correctly is going to be a challenge.

I used VHF portables with a wired headset in my helmet when riding ATV's and dirt bikes. It worked, but it was a pain dealing with the wires, radio interfaces, etc.

Recently I purchased some Sena bluetooth intercom kits for my son and I when we are riding. They allow talking directly between Sena units, and they will interface easily to a cell phone. Using cell phone that people already have will save you a lot of money and headaches.
Plus, they can make phone calls and listen to music.

I've been working in the industry for 30+ years now, and I found that sometimes overly complicated systems are a pain to deal with in the real world. The purpose built consumer products often work very well.


Jan 24, 2004
There are various licence free options but how well they might fit with your idea of authenticity I'm not sure (though given that the motorcycles and outfits you are using won't look remotely 'authentic' in a Glasgow streetscene I'm not sure that would really matter).

For the motorcycle to motorcycle communication there are mesh systems such as Packtalk which would work well for communication (no licence required) and are very popular with groups of motorcyclists...which makes me wonder why you aren't already using them.

If you want chaeper then there are simpler bluetooth devices and things like PMR446 licence free radios.