WS1080: Can you have two 1080 on USB Com Ports on a Single Windows 7 64-bit PC?

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Oct 27, 2016
I am an experienced IT person, and I have spent a number of hours trying this, but I have not been able to get the second of two Whistler 1080 radios to be recognized on USB Com Ports on a Single Windows 7 64-bit PC. Even trying on the same and on different USB Host controllers inside the same PC system motherboard, but always the second 1080 won't be a recognized device and won't load the driver. I've tried installing the driver manually, rebooting after deleting the "Unknown USB device", etc. I have even disabled the "Signed" drivers issue on Windows 7.

I have the same question into Whistler and am waiting for a response. But if anyone has been able to make this work on Windows 7 64-bit, I would be interested in how you got it to work.

This Windows 7 64-bit PC is my home server and I want to use multiple instances of RadioFeed 4.1 serving the Whistler's metadata through each Whistler 1080's USB connection out to private and separate scanner audio and metadata feeds of RadioFeed 4.1, but if I can't get the PC to recognize the second Whistler 1080 USB communications, you can see my issue.

I don't care about EZ-Scan not being able to address two Whistler 1080's, I just want two 1080 scanners to output the metadata over separate COM ports into multiple instances of RadioFeed 4.1.

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