Canada Database on PRO-18

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Apr 15, 2014
Hey everyone, I have recently began programming a PRO-18 I got a few years ago to recieve the digital talkgroups we have in Calgary (Alberta)

I have been able to both manually program scanlists from the RR lists for the area, as well as from the GRECOM EZ-Scan software meant for the PSR-800.

I saw some youtube videos of the PSR-800 and saw that the whole Canada database is stored within it (as well as the USA like th ePRO-18 has).

Has anyone figured out how to get the Canada and USA databases loaded into a PRO-18 like the PSR-800 has?

I have even tried formatting a USB stick with EZ-scan and then loading the PSR-800 library to it. I then dragged the raw DB files from it to the PRO-18. When I booted the PRO-18, it still only had the USA database.

It would be great if I could get both loaded on it. The devices are so similar it must be possible.

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