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Jul 16, 2017
Manatee County, FL
I 'm new to this forum, and I could use some help at this point. I own a 10+ years old Radio Shack PRO-97 scanner. It was programmed by the Radio Shack guy who sold it to me back in the day. I never really got into the details of all the features or how to program it. I just let it scan through the Police / EMS bands and opted out of unusable channels.

I haven't used this scanner for a couple years and just recently discovered it in a cabinet. So I feed it some fresh batteries, put it back into my truck and drove around last night, listening to the local PD and EMS.

At some point police got a call out for a shooting near a gas station. I could barely catch the address. I drove into the general area and watch police arriving and doing their job. No, I didn't get into anybody's way, I was an entire block away, parked to the side.

Anyways, I rediscovered the fun of listening to local agencies and want to install a proper and new scanner in my truck.

I did some extensive research today and came down to either the Whistler TRX-2 or the Uniden BCD536HP.

The problem I have with the Radio Shack PRO-97 is that I have to look at the buttons every time because they are all the same size and within the same block. With my new scanner I would love to be able to:

- avoid / L-out unusable channels
- adjust volume and squelch
- playback the last transmissions as simple as possible

without having to look at the screen or buttons every single time. Ergonomics are huge for me.

Based on the layout, display and audio quality I would rather go with the Whistler TRX-2, but the Uniden BCD536HP has the "Avoid" and "Replay" buttons right there, next to the function button.

The BCD536HP seems to have other advantages too.

So what should I get? I read somewhere that these scanner can be bought pre-programmed. Is that something I should look into? Am I missing something?

Thanks guys!
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