CAP practice in El Paso County

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Dec 19, 2002
I heard CAP on a practice mission today in El Paso County. Sounded like they put out a practice beacon on an unknown frequency and were coordinating their activities on 148.150 MHz as published on RR.

I don't know any of these guys, but one thing I noticed is that they operate from what I think is their base (blue mesa 500) on a repeater with a long repeater hang time, and their airborne and ground units on simplex (in some cases) and the field units are constantly attempting to respond to their base on simplex (output of the repeater) during the repeater hang time. This seemed to be very problematic since it's FM and the base many times was not hearing the field units and there were constant repeats (..."blue mesa xxx did you copy?") Perhaps someone here who knows this group can pass that on.

Also, since they were discussing several "channels" (like channel 1 and channel 8) and RR only lists one frequency (with no channel index) I did some searching and found the following list along with frequencies for practice beacons. Can anyone confirm if these are a national standard (as claimed in the link) and can be added to the Colorado listing? Looks like there are scattered listings in RR but no cohesive list.


AM 119.3500 Search and Rescue (Aircraft) (Rural Areas Only)
AM 120.8500 Search and Rescue (Aircraft)
AM 121.5000 AIRCRAFT EMERGENCY CHANNEL (Civilian and Military)
AM 121.6000 Practice Emergency Beacon (ELT-2)
AM 121.7750 Practice Emergency Beacon (ELT-1)
AM 122.0000 Flight Watch Nationwide Channel (Above 5,000 feet)
AM 122.7000 Glider Operations (Shared with UNICOM/MULTICOM)
AM 122.8000 Glider Operations (Shared with UNICOM/MULTICOM)
AM 122.9000 Search and Rescue (Aircraft)
AM 123.1000 Search and Rescue (Aircraft)
FM 143.7750 Search and Rescue (CAP Channel 6)
FM 143.9500 Search and Rescue (CAP Channel 7)
FM 148.1250 Repeater OUTPUT (CAP Channel 2) (Also used for simplex)
FM 148.1375 Simplex (CAP channel 3)
FM 148.1500 Repeater OUTPUT (CAP Channel 1) (Also used for simplex)
FM 148.7375 Search and Rescue (CAP Channel 5)
FM 148.9750 Search and Rescue (CAP Channel 8)
FM 149.4000 Old CAP Primary Channel (Now used for simplex only)
FM 149.5375 Search and Rescue (CAP Channel 4) (Aircraft-to-Ground Primary)
FM 149.8950 Packet Digipeater (Primary Packet Channel)
FM 149.9100 Aircraft Repeaters
FM 149.9250 Packet Digipeater (Secondary Packet Channel)
FM 149.9400 Aircraft Repeaters
FM 150.6625 Low-Power Operations
FM 165.1250 Government VHF Band Link (Tac-1)
FM 165.1500 Government VHF Band Link (Tac-2)
AM 243.5500 Practice Emergency Beacon (ELT-3)
FM 396.8750 ISR Channel 01
FM 397.1250 ISR Channel 02
FM 397.1750 ISR Channel 03
FM 397.3750 ISR Channel 04
FM 397.4250 ISR Channel 05
FM 397.4750 ISR Channel 06
FM 397.5500 ISR Channel 07
FM 397.9500 ISR Channel 08
FM 398.0500 ISR Channel 09
FM 399.4250 ISR Channel 10
FM 399.4750 ISR Channel 11
FM 399.7250 ISR Channel 12
FM 399.9250 ISR Channel 13
FM 399.9750 ISR Channel 14
FM 406.5000 ELT/EPIRB Radio Beacon UHF Frequency
FM 419.5000 Urban Search and Rescue*
FM 419.6375 Urban Search and Rescue*
FM 419.6875 Urban Search and Rescue*
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